Perforated Plates and Sheets

Current engineering use an expansive scope of building materials to improve both usefulness and appearance. Perforated metal plates are progressively observed as a great alternative for both. Exact Puncturing, an innovator in perforated plate configuration, has the right stuff, skill and assets to assist you with benefiting from your plan. With regards to perforated steel plates or plates of some other material, working with Bot Perforation implies that you're working with the greatest plates accessible.

Bot Perforation Company offers various choices to meet your details. From perforated treated steel plates to perforated aluminum plates, we work with a few metals ideal for your application. We likewise offer various alternatives for style and wrapping up. We give you standard or redid opening setups with the correct size gaps for your application. As master perforated plate providers, we are glad to loan you our aptitude.

Applications of Perforated Plates and Sheets

As a vibrating screen in stone crushers

As a dryer and washing drum

As a Fencing

As a balustrade

Some more applications:

  • Sieving and filtration of stones in crushers and quarries

  • Building design, architecture and decorative artwork

  • Machinery ventilation that allows heat to escape while protecting machine interiors

  • Increased airflow in a building

  • Industrial filtration; aluminium and stainless-steel perforated plates are excellent for filtering food products and keeping mechanical equipment clean

  • Acoustical applications, including controlling sound outside and reducing echoes indoors

  • Balancing natural light and shade, allowing the ideal amount of light into the building

  • Providing privacy by limiting visibility, while allowing in light, sound and airflow

  • Improving building appearance by giving the façade a texture that cannot be achieved with other materials