Conidur Screen

CONIDUR perforated sheets have a special shape of openings. The CONIDUR openings look rather triangular to semi-elliptical with an oblique, strongly conical perforation in the direction of the flow. The CONIDUR screen can be utilized to create a smaller molecule size. A protruding section of CONIDUR over the perforation provides a directional airflow for fluid bed plates and a sharp leading edge for particle size reduction screens. A conidur hole screen is intended for the milling of especially hard materials, which require a more forceful processing activity than a regular round-hole screen.

Applications of Conidur Screen

Chemical Industry

  • as a filter element in plates and pipes

  • as a centrifugal screen

  • as a screening element in mills

  • as a gas-distribution deck for fluidised bed units

Food industry

  • as a dewatering and working screen for sugar and starch centrifugals

  • as a screen panel in mills

  • as a separating element in fruit juice manufacture

  • for press moulds in the cheese industry

  • as a gas-distribution deck for fluidised bed units